Dreamtime Creation

I want to begin my journey casting a look forward by looking backwards.  Beginning this new venture into sustainability here at St. Louis Community College, I am not alone.  Much work has been done before me for several decades, beginning perhaps with the vision of Joseph Cosand as chancellor.  He, and others in leadership, created a league to share innovation across curriculum and operations.  It takes a village, as Hilary Clinton wrote.  This new work makes me reflect back to my world journey on my sabbatical in 1995-96.  Once you circumnavigate the globe, you come to appreciate how we all share a delicate place in the dark of space.  My focus during my travels was looking at health and how that was connected to the land where people call home.  I spent 4 months in Australia where I met several Aboriginal leaders.  They believe life is created in the Dreamtime–where the Rainbow Serpent dreams the landscape into 3 dimensional existence.  Rocks, plants, rivers and mountains all are embued with life force, and are deserving of regard as if they are ancestors or God.  I came away with a renewed respect for nature and for how we humans find meaning there.  Here from my desk and computer, I travel through cyber spaces gathering information to raise awareness to help our college move forward into the future with reverance for our students and their livelihoods and families to come.  If I close my eyes, I can still feel the warmth on my back from lying on Uluru (Ayres Rock).  I am connected–past to future grounded in the present dreaming sustainability into creation.

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