Flo Valley’s Carbon Footprint in the Sand

On this my 56th birthday, I could reflect back on the many years and paths I have traveled, but instead I want to look forward.  Flo Valley campus, under the leadership of Dr. President Marcia Pfeiffer and her new sustainability committee chair, Brian Bozek, are beginning to measure their footprint in the sand of North County and in the STLCC district.  The energy audit means
gathering enrollment data from Registrar and HR, utility data from facilities, and travel data from students and staff.  It will be a team effort to discover just how we participate in global warming based on our carbon and other emissions. The challenge for community colleges is measuring our CO2 contribution that comes from commuting.
Gathering the data is one thing.  Creating goals for decreasing our emissions is another that  entails changing mind sets and behaviors.  For those goals, we need participation from the entire FV community.  The challenge for me is enticing a passion and connection among our many communities. When we connect to our fellow workers and classmates, to our workplace, to our neighborhood and region, and to our environment as a larger ecosystem, we have strength in numbers.  I know there are many champions across the district.  I hope we will come together in this goal-setting phase once our energy audit is complete in January 2010.
What are your 3 greenest projects that you think will make a difference?  One idea I learned about at the recent AASHE (Association for the Advancement for Sustainability in Higher Education) conference was creating a suggestion box for these ideas.  Something like FIXIT.  I’d be more than glad to be the receiver of these suggestions (unless some other champion wants to collect these).  Let’s call it GREENIT for now.  What if we could walk the beach and leave no                 ?


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