Tiny steps can mean leaps

In my last blog, I was struggling with transportation issues, and I’m happy to share my tiny steps this summer while traveling on vacation.  First, I reconnected with Metro St. Louis when I searched on their website [http://www.metrostlouis.org/] to help me get from my home to the airport.  I had quite the adventure when I missed my bus by reading the web info incorrectly! There has been rerouting of my bus due to bridge repair. I had to wait for an hour in 102 degree heat as the thunderstorm passed over the sun and lightning bolts rained down near me!  Looking up at the dark green clouds even engendered sympathy when a driver stopped and gave me his umbrella in case the rain started.  See how traveling Metro can be amazing?  I faced all kinds of doubts about how long I would wait before I hailed a cab or even hitched to get to the Handley Metrolink station!  I was kicking myself for reconnecting with Metro on the front end of my trip, rather than on the more leisurely return to my house.  I faced anxiety in the face of nature’s power, and soon a fellow traveler joined me assuring me the bus was coming soon.  As we laughed about deadlines and public transportation, I realized he would need the umbrella more than me, so passed it forward.  He was grateful. Dare I say, this experience was practice in compassion for me and others?

Upon return from my trips*, I calculated the carbon impact by my air miles to Hawaii for my sister’s wedding and 2 nights at a resort by using http://www.conservation.org/act/live_green/carboncalc/pages/default.aspx.  Then I went to CarbonOffsetList.org to find a cause to invest in.  I chose this Missouri project–3Degrees–because it helps our sister school, Crowder Community College, who we visited last October because of their strong renewable energy programs.  I donated $46.00 calculated for my carbon impact.

Newton-McDonald landfill


Landfill gas destruction

Captures methane at a now-closed landfill in Neosho, in the south of the state.



*This amount included a smaller side trip to Pittsburgh for a mini high school reunion too.

Using Metro and contributing to my trip costs by investing in carbon research projects are small steps.  But if more of us took these baby steps, collectively we would make an impact.  You can come learn more about how to take these small steps with the District Green Teams meeting at the Wildwood campus on Tuesday August 31st from 2-4 pm.  Our agenda is to address how to engage students more in our sustainability projects.  If you are a student reading this blog, please know you are invited.  If you need a ride to Wildwood, contact me at 314-539-5013 or check out Metro for assistance getting there.  Let’s make these small steps add up to leaps!


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