Student activists

Yesterday, the St Louis Regional Higher Education Sustainability Consortium met.  We are now at 18 colleges and universities across Illinois and Missouri.  Currently, we operate with 3 subcommittees: administration, curriculum, and initiatives. For more information on this consortium, see  I was excited to see so many students there, particularly leaders from the Missouri Student Environmental Consortium (M-SEC).  Both Adams (Paige from Maryville and Hasz from Wash U) spoke about their political activism projects and coordinating the student-driven conference “Show Me Sustainability” hosted at Maryville University on Oct 15-17th 2010.  They were asking for the consortium’s assistance for outreach to boost enrollment.  A $20.00 registration covers 5 meals and excellent workshops and speaker sessions.  Please visit   Both Adams are looking to grow students’ membership and influence in the region.  M-SEC [] in St. Louis holds conference calls, and has focused recently on political environmental literacy to help students vote wisely, especially along climate issues.  Also present were 2 students from University of Missouri at St Louis (UMSL), Ashley Hinman and Erin Allan; and 2 students from Meramec campus, Rene Dulle and Nathan Thoele.  We explored how students might want to participate in the consortium, as a separate subcommittee, working on their own passions, or within the 3 main subcommittees.  Ashley thought that embedding might mean more on her plate as a student representative of that committee versus more freely engaging with her peers.  We hope we communicated our desire for them to stay active with us, valuing their perspective for our collective projects.

Meanwhile, Rachel Wood, Student Ambassador at Wildwood campus, is writing her own green blog.  With her permission, I am sharing part of her wisdom here, but look for her full blog on the Wildwood page soon:

Be Smart!  Be Green, Save Money.

Are you a coffee or soda drinker?  Do you care about your environment?  Do you like to save money?  If you fall into any of these categories, then this might interest you.

In the Wildwood Campus Bookstore, being green and saving money coincide.  The bookstore has come up with a really cool incentive for taking care of our environment in the form of 60 cent coffee or soda refills.  If you’re anything like me, that last sentence got your attention, especially considering that a regularly priced 12oz. cup of coffee in the bookstore is $1.09.  But here’s how it goes – you bring a mug, thermos, or cup and you can fill it with soda or coffee for 60 cents.  It benefits you, the school, and our environment, as it keeps all the extra cups out of the landfills.

Rachel tallies the savings making a convincing case for doing the right thing for pocket book and the planet.  I for one am inspired by these students’ enthusiasm.


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