Living in the Ozarks

Contemplating life in the Ozarks.

Contemplating life in the Ozarks.

The picture of me on my blog banner is overlooking the Buffalo River.  For the past 5 years, I’ve been trekking to northern Arkansas to assist my sister and brother-in-law in their woodsy lifestyle.  They built their own farm and live off-the-grid on solar, collecting their water from rain off the roof, and feeding the plants from year-round spring water.

I moved to the midwest from Hawai’i.  My soul is connected there.  But the Ozarks have captured my heart and ignited my imagination to live as sustainably as possible.  I retired from St. Louis Community College where this blog tells the story of all the projects we engaged in as a family to raise awareness about recycling, greened our office practices conserving paper, and gathered to explore ways to synchronize our curriculum with nature through sustainable practices.

I plan to continue this blog about green spaces from my new home in Arkansas.  I moved here over the holiday break between semesters. I feel blessed to teach online classes in psychology for the college as an retired adjunct professor from my cabin in the woods.  Teaching has been a passion for decades.  Here in retirement, I want to branch out and teach beyond my academic training.  Writing is teaching–if not the reader, then me penning thoughts to page (or bytes to virtual space).

Dad visiting the "hoop" green house on my sister's Springfed Farm.

Dad visiting the “hoop” green house on my sister’s Springfed Farm.

Snowman and Red Bird on Mauna Kea

Prof K’s “Snowman and Red Bird on Mauna Kea” pillow

I am learning about organic farming, raising trout, building energy-efficient structures, and about nature all around me abundant with life even in the dark and quiet of winter.


I have my first quilt commission from my pal and patron, screenwriter and director Rich Krevolin. I’m piecing a throw-sized quilt from 40 silk ties. I’m excited to collaborate and fill my studio with creative energy. The snowman pillow is Hollywood Prof K (Krevolin) checking out the observatories atop Mauna Kea.

As soon as I sell my home in Florissant, MO, I plan to break ground on my energy-efficient home. Until I get that project underway, I am cozy in my studio/garage.  I like living more simply out of 2 rooms–I’ve dubbed one room my Prius‘s bedroom. I’m exploring nano-architecture. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle melding style and function; like living on a boat where every space has more than one purpose.  My “lofty” space on top of my built-in storage is guest bed, reading corner and couch when company drop by!

Lofty couch atop of built-in storage unit.

Lofty couch atop of built-in storage unit.



2 responses to “Living in the Ozarks

  1. What a great blog, Peggy! I LOVE the snowman pillow and can’t wait to see the completed necktie quilt. I’ve already imagined how it will look! I’m so glad you have more time to quilt and pursue other creative interests now that you’re retired!

  2. Marvellous blog, dear Peggy. Love the pillow too and would so enjoy seeing your quilt when completed. The Ozarks look amazing, can’t wait to share more time with you!
    Love, Jyoti

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